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What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You


As part of my continuing referral partnership with the Turning Point Group, I am now (finally) on Instagram. Financial education highlighted with magic?  Yes! Sadly, I can't give away any of my magic secrets.  But I do share some wealth building "secrets". Goal is to make the light bulbs go off so that you will have a better money mindset to achieve your goals... and who knows, maybe event transform your financial future.  How's that for an amazing trick ;)

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Centerstage Spotlight


Guess who is featured in the July/August 2022 issue of Huntsville Event Magazine?  If you don't have a physical copy, check out the link below and go to Recent Issues for a digital view... then skip to page 59 :) Much thanks to Michael Bradley for the most excellent photography. 

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TV Magic

Live magic is best but there is a ton of great magic on TV now.  Here's a list of my favorites and the networks they air on. Check your local listings and on demand service.

Penn and Teller: Fool Us! - CW

The Carbonaro Effect - TruTV

Masters of Illusion - CW

Steve Trash Science - PBS

Lost Magic Decoded - History Channel

Chriss Angel's Magic With The Stars - CW

What is close-up magic?  Simply put, theatrical impossibilities experienced by small audiences just feet away from the performer.  Adaptable to almost any venue and setting, the magic might be enjoyed while sitting at a table, as in a restaurant, or by people standing in small groups, like at a cocktail party or wedding reception.  Though always suitable for children, my magic is geared towards adults.  Themes often involve quirky inventions and demonstrations of (mostly true) scientific principles.  A kitchen sponge absorbs solid coins and a Sharpie marker writes in any color called for.  Or an audience member becomes a mind reader  while participating in a Cold War history lesson.   Whatever the mini-miracle witnessed, rest assured it will be delivered with tongue-in-cheek plausibility.


Sat June 3

Chattanooga, TN: private event

Jun 16


Nashville, TN: private event



Featured Client

Here's what Tracy W. of Freudenberg-NOK had to say:

"Matt did a great job making sure he met everyone in the group and showed them some amazing sleight of hand magic. I highly recommend him for a party or corporate event.  Everyone loved it!"


Tues Dec 31










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