Magic at the Stovehouse?

Seems like a fun, new venue to me. Had a good first meeting with one of the managers.  Might have to wait and see how this winter weather is going to treat us.  Most of the performance areas for strolling magic are outdoor.

New Year's Eve in Columbia

I got a nice mention in the newspaper after my appearance during Vanh Dy's NYE 2020 Speakeasy event.  Much thanks to Jay Powell at the Daily Herald.



Live magic is best but there is a ton of great magic on TV now.  Here's a list of my favorites and the networks they air on. Check your local listings.

Penn and Teller: Fool Us! - CW

The Carbonaro Effect - TruTV

Masters of Illusion - CW

Steve Trash Science - PBS

Honorable mention:  America's Got Talent on NBC has highlighted some great acts.  Not to mention that a magician has won the competition the last two years in a row.  Here's hoping for a "three-peat"...


What is close-up magic?  Simply put, theatrical imposibilities experienced by small audiences just feet away from the performer.  Adaptable to almost any venue and setting, the magic might be enjoyed while sitting at a table, as in a restaurant, or by people standing in small groups, like at a cocktail party or wedding reception.  Though always suitable for children, my magic is geared towards adults.  Themes often involve quirky inventions and demonstrations of (mostly true) scientific principles.  A kitchen sponge absorbs solid coins and a Sharpie marker writes in any color called for.  Or an audience member becomes a mindreader  while participating in a Cold War history lesson.   Whatever the mini-miracle witnessed, rest assured it will be delivered with tongue-in-cheeck plausability.




24 - 26



Panoply Arts Festival, days and times TBA





May 30



Private event:  wedding reception



Tues Dec 31










Featured Client


Here's what Juanita Healy, Events Coordinator had to say about me:

"Matt recently performed at Burning Tree Country Club and the guests loved him.  He is entertaining and every bit the professional!"


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